Client Perspective
"Tim has been able to coach me through a variety of obstacles, from figuring out which direction to take with my vocation, to addressing and pressing through some gnarly snags of daily work and personal life.
Through Tim's encouraging coaching style, I am more confident about the work path I’ve chosen to pursue, more tenacious about pursuing it, and more supported in taking on some of the stubborn hurdles I have to overcome to get there."
Chrys H., Attorney ~ Greeley, Colorado

“Tim’s coaching & encouraging approach enabled me to make a major transition in my life and to feel confident and positive about it.  Also, I was looking to hire a person to assist me in my job and was having a rough time and was ready at one point to throw in the towel, but Tim kept encouraging me along, stressing the goal, the end result. 
Largely as a result of Tim’s coaching I was able to press on and finally found someone who has helped me and eased a lot of the burden at work.”

Darryl R., Financial Analyst ~ New York, NY
"To be able to meet with Tim to share some of my life’s challenges, as well as to formulate a plan for my future, has been more helpful than I can express."
Curt S., Over the Road Trucker ~ Loveland, Colorado
“I reached a point in my professional career and my personal life that I felt bogged down with decisions.  So many that mentally it seemed as though there were too many for me to prioritize and work through in a logical order.  As I would begin working through some solutions, more problems would arise and I would bog down again; it became easier to make no action at all, than make a wrong decision.  I had trouble trying to balance working through my issues in life and trying to relax and enjoy all life had to offer as well. 
Tim worked with me, encouraged me, and gave me the tools I needed to balance my life, making time for the activities I enjoy.”
Gary H., Dentist ~ Dallas, TX